The Idiolect of DesertRose and Human Equality

Glossary of Terms Used Here at Human Equality

  • asshat: someone who has zir head firmly planted between zir buttocks, or is wearing zir ass for a hat. Would be spelled arsehat for those who use "arse" to mean buttocks.
  • asshattery: usually, behavior which reflects cranio-rectal inversion. Less often, merely the condition of having one's head up one's ass. Again, would be spelled arsehattery for those who use "arse" for buttocks
  • zie: a non-gendered personal pronoun. I usually use it to mean an unspecified person, for whom obviously I am not going to know whether that person is a man or a woman. Presently, I use this in both subjective and objective cases, but I'm working on an objective form so that zie can be subjective only.
  • zir: the possessive form of zie, a non-gendered personal possessive pronoun, again usually used in reference to an unspecified person
  • I will be adding more terms to the glossary as I encounter terms that may not be in common usage or may even be restricted to my personal idiolect.