Welcome to Human Equality

Hi! I'm glad you stopped by my little bitty corner of the Internet. This blog is about human equality and (hopefully) what we can do to achieve it, or at least to nudge society in the right direction.  If you don't believe that all people have the right to equal human dignity and equal protection under the law regardless of sex, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion/spirituality, ethnicity, nationality, disability, weight, age, or any other trait that has nothing to do with one's behavior, then this may not be the blog for you. I will do my damnedest to keep this a safe space. I will also probably screw up, so if you see such an error, let me know. If you disagree respectfully with anything posted here, you are welcome to comment. If you behave disrespectfully (display racism, sexism, etc. or any sort of ad hominem attack against a poster or commenter), I will, without hesitation, give you the boot. This is my sandbox; play by my rules or go home.  If you have something to say that you think I should post here, please let me know. I welcome guest bloggers because I know I can only post from my own worldview; I welcome points of view other than my own on human equality.  Welcome! ~DesertRose