Sunday, July 19, 2009

Oh for crying out loud!

I just saw this article online, highlighted as "ABC News: Is the Y chromosome going bye-bye?"

Okay, cool. I like science stories, even though I'm mostly a language geek, personally. So I clicked on it.

The fucking title of the article displayed on my browser, read "Will End of Men Imminent?"
Leaving aside the grammar and/or formatting fuck-up (as the title on the article itself says, "Will Y Chromosome Go Bye-Bye?" and is subtitled, "Is the End of Men Imminent?" so I'm thinking that it's more of a formatting error), the article firmly states that no genetic research has given the slightest indication that the human male is DOOOOOOOMED to extinction due to the genetic deterioration of the Y chromosome. (It indicates that even if the Y chromosome eventually ceases to exist in the human genome, other genetic material will replace it. Nothing in this article is suggesting that humans are facing extinction or a change to asexual reproduction.)

Yes, because the most important part of the article is that it affects teh menz. ::eyeroll::