Sunday, July 19, 2009

Oh for crying out loud!

I just saw this article online, highlighted as "ABC News: Is the Y chromosome going bye-bye?"

Okay, cool. I like science stories, even though I'm mostly a language geek, personally. So I clicked on it.

The fucking title of the article displayed on my browser, read "Will End of Men Imminent?"
Leaving aside the grammar and/or formatting fuck-up (as the title on the article itself says, "Will Y Chromosome Go Bye-Bye?" and is subtitled, "Is the End of Men Imminent?" so I'm thinking that it's more of a formatting error), the article firmly states that no genetic research has given the slightest indication that the human male is DOOOOOOOMED to extinction due to the genetic deterioration of the Y chromosome. (It indicates that even if the Y chromosome eventually ceases to exist in the human genome, other genetic material will replace it. Nothing in this article is suggesting that humans are facing extinction or a change to asexual reproduction.)

Yes, because the most important part of the article is that it affects teh menz. ::eyeroll::


  1. I am still trying to determine if a) the men need to be in control so that things like playstations, giant sports franchises and other things could exist or b) If having women working unlimited amount of hours (I used to put of pictures of women in wales who one day, after not sleeping more than 1 to 2 hours in years with two boys and a father in coal shifts, sat down at 42 and died with no apparent cause of death) and being in control of everything important from birthing to pallative care and DOING it, means that we have somehow propped the men up simply to get out of our way and will simply push them aside when we are ready to (men however, when they actually notice this, get a bit huffy, not over the reasons one would expect, like for instance military or firefighters - "Will this improve the human condition" but rather, "Can they lift as much as I can." - well at six foot three and running on mountain trails with 60-80 pound packs on me for months, I probably could throw them over my shoulder - which declassifies me as female and puts me into 'Amazon' for some reason.

    Um, some summation of all those tangents is: right now in the US there seems to be two main priorities (if news servers can be believed): one is to stop young females from having sex (and probably masturbating if any of the males in churches, legislature, etc could concieve much less publically talk about teenage girls masturbating without having a public stroke - the idea of a three day debate on the previlance of tween and teen female masturbation as a reduction of STD's in the Senate is something which has suddenly become a sort of sexual fantasy to me) and reaffirm that there are at least a majority of MANLY man (as in ones who think that female diseases are probably made up or because girls are wimps and cry so a man MIGHT have it but not even notice fibro/CFS/MS/Lupus/etc) to keep the country focused on important things like: MEAT (eating lots of) and guns, or maybe sports and meat, or guns and sports - I get confused.

    Um, no, not high at this moment, just your post inspired some sort of repressed rant.

  2. Even if you were high, you made more sense than that stupid headline. :)